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Hand Forged Butcher Knife Meat Cleaver Knife for Home, Restaurant, Outdoor Camping


The multipurpose Hand Forged Butcher Knife is designed for mincing, slicing and dicing, with HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale) of 56±2 and a sharp edge to ensure maximum cutting performance and durability, can be used For cutting meat, it can also be used for cutting vegetables, bones, ribs, tubular bones and more.



  • CookerKnife Knife Features

    ULTRA-SHARP HIGH CARBON STEEL: Ultra-sharp 5Cr15Mov super steel cutting core with a Rockwell hardness of 56+ for exceptional performance and incredible edge retention, ensuring superior strength, durability and stain resistance. Perfectly balanced, precision-tapered blades minimize surface drag for buttery-smooth cuts and enhanced non-stick performance.


    Excellent hardness: Made of carbon steel, the hardness of the tool is as high as HRC56±2 through quenching technology, which is much higher than the standard of machine-made knives. In addition, the physical density and rigidity of such knives are greatly enhanced by repeated hammering by experienced blacksmiths.


    Unique Forged Pattern: Use repeated folding and flapping to make the blade very sharp. Carving knives are manually sharpened by experienced workers using natural sharpeners, this classic butcher's knife will last longer than knives made by mechanical means.


Features That Make Cooking Easier

  • Comfortable Wooden Handle

    Comfortable Wooden Handle

    The handle material is made of wooden handle, which is hardly affected by heat, cold and moisture. The ergonomic ebony handle will give you excellent hand control, agility and comfort.

  • 5CR15MOV Steel Knife

    5CR15MOV Steel

    The blade is precisely forged from high-quality high-carbon 5Cr15Mov steel. The handle and the blade are integrally formed without welding, which is durable and prevents the handle from being broken.

  • Hand Forged Butcher Knife

    Hand Forged

    The knives are hand sharpened by workers with more than 30 years of experience. These knives last longer than mechanically made kitchen knives.

Kind Tips

1. Our blades are pre-oiled, not a used product.

2. Avoid cutting frozen food, large bones, metal or opening cans.

3. Hand wash with clean water after each use and dry the surface with a clean towel.

4. Please oil regularly to prevent rust. If there is a little rust, wipe it with vinegar or toothpaste.

5. When you need to sharpen the knife, use a whetstone to sharpen the knife by hand.

6. Store in a dry, clean and ventilated place, away from children, corrosive liquids, direct sunlight and open flames.

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user Reviews
  • Simon
    2023-05-24 20:10:21
    High quality forged meat cleaver
    I bought this Hand Forged Cleaver for my dad for his birthday surprise, and he loves it. Best meat cleaver is a worthy gift.
  • Leland
    2023-05-18 20:12:30
    Great knife
    I stumbled across this knife while searching for hand forged cleavers on Google, and I was drawn to the shape of the knife. So I bought it without hesitation and wanted to see how it was. It turned out that my choice was not wrong, and the product was as described, sharp and of high quality. 100% recommended.
  • Josh
    2023-05-08 08:03:21
    Comfortable knife I enjoy using
    First of all, this is a very cool knife. The grip feels comfortable in the hand, and it has just the right weight to it. It boasts a full tang and a sleek wooden handle. It comes packaged in a box with a protective film. Right out of the box, it's razor-sharp, so you'll want to handle it with care. It even comes with a blade tip cover to ensure safety. The sheath is crafted from quality leather and features a strap with a buckle to securely fasten it to the blade. This knife is an absolute gem for any countryside or fantasy chef out there.
Hand Forged Butcher Knife Meat Cleaver Knife for Home, Restaurant, Outdoor Camping Hand Forged Butcher Knife Meat Cleaver Knife for Home, Restaurant, Outdoor Camping
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