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About us

About US

We are a retailer of handmade knives from China. We have been selling offline for several years. Before starting this business, we once inspected many Chinese factories that produce knives, and finally chose the one we are currently working with. The reason why we choose to get goods from the current factory is mainly because these knife products meet our three requirements: high quality, traditional craftsmanship and cost of goods. These aspects are also the reasons why we get more customer satisfaction.


In 2022, we started an online business. Cookerknife knives still come from the Chinese factory we have been working with. We hope that more families and chefs who love food and catering will meet our high-quality knives.


Our current sales market is for consumers in the United States and Canada. In the near future, we consider selling our products to Europe and more countries and regions around the world.


About Cookerknife Knives

CookerKnife's knives are a series of chef's knives created from the perspective of a chef. It is specially designed for home chefs, barbecue lovers and outdoor chefs. It is equipped with a high-grade soft leather sheath to protect the blade. It is more safer and easy carrying when doing outdoor activities such as camping, barbecue, fishing, hiking, etc.. 


Cookerknife adopt to create a high-quality cooking knife with oriental art. The perfect combination of high-quality 5Cr15MoV knife material and wooden handle, the brass dragon pattern adds high-end momentum, full of oriental aesthetics, and personalized hammering Patterns make each tool unique and are designed to last a lifetime.


As a Chinese seller, we take great pride in our heritage craftsmanship. Our handcrafted knives are a true reflection of our commitment to quality.



Our Goal
we are committed to providing our customers with knife products that are truly worth the price.



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