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Hand Forged Butcher Knife Meat Cleaver Knife for Home, Restaurant, Outdoor Camping


The multipurpose Hand Forged Butcher Knife is designed for mincing, slicing and dicing, with HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale) of 56±2 and a sharp edge to ensure maximum cutting performance and durability, can be used For cutting meat, it can also be used for cutting vegetables, bones, ribs, tubular bones and more.


Why Choose Us?

Excellent Material

Pick the right material to ensure a sharp,quality knife that will last for a long time.


After many investigations and continuous improvement, the perfect knife was designed.

Hygienic Cooking

Precision tapered blades minimize surface drag and are designed to produce the cleanest cuts.


There are no middlemen making the difference,saving you money without sacrificing quality.

Cookerknife Know What You Need

Sharp, Safe, Durable and Easy to Maintairn

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  • Forged Cleaver Knife Hand Forged Boning Knife Hand Forged Butcher Knife

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